Sunday, June 24, 2007

That's why Mum might spend less in Iceland

The continued pressure on Kerry Katona from the News of the World - they're only worried about the kiddies, obviously - has led to the re-entry of Brian McFadden into Cheshire's most horrible soap opera.

The NOTW has got in contact with Leighton Ogden, who claims to be Kerry's dealer:

Ogden told us: "Kerry cares more about drugs than anything in her life — her children included.

"When she's on one of her benders nothing matters except the gear. I've seen it, believe me. She just packs the kids off to bed so she can get wasted. All that family image stuff about her is rubbish."

There then follows a string of accusations similar to last week's. But hang about a minute - this is a drug dealer, a man who sells shit for money, selling a story to a Sunday newspaper. Doesn't that mean that we should at least approach his testimony with a degree of caution? And isn't it unusual that the NOTW, whose simplistic worldview would normally have a drug dealer dangling from its redtop gallows as soon as he set foot through the door, is not only handing him cash, but even portraying him as an extension of social services, suggesting what might be best for the kids:
"After what I've seen I reckon the girls would be better off with Brian. He seems a much more stable person and can give them the love and support they need."

Perhaps this signals a new policy at the NOTW - maybe we can expect a "what would a drug dealer do?" advice column.

Aware that they're on shaky ground, they try to cast Ogden as someone who is taking a brave move, perhaps after some sort of final-reel conversion:
Ogden, 20—who was Kerry's friend as well as one of her dealers — knows the implications of outing himself as a drug peddler.

"I've taken a personal risk talking about this—but Kerry needs a wake-up call to her get herself clean for the sake of the kids and herself," he said.

So, Ogden's prepared to put his head on the block because of the kiddies. But is that his only motivation?
After her birthday in September, Ogden had had enough. "She was nipping in and out of her bathroom, snorting. She kept asking me if I could get her more coke. I told her I couldn't.

"I never heard from Kerry after that. It was clear she had just used me to help her out but once I was no use I was dropped."

It's interesting that, during this long period of giving Katona more and more drugs, Ogden was so worried about the kiddies, but never actually seemed to think of doing anything until he was no longer selling Katona drugs. Strange that, eh?

The NOTW scooped this new evidence up and took it to Brian McFadden, to see what he would do:
After being informed of our latest revelations, the star told us: "Yes, it's true — I am seeking custody. I want my daughters back."

He has requested legal affidavits from a string of witnesses who told us about Kerry's past and current drug addiction. And he wants social services to launch an investigation into Kerry's fitness as a mother.

The most shocking thing about all this, though, is the discovery that Iceland pay Katona £170,000 a year. Surely her endorsement can't be so valuable as to make that back?


Anonymous said...

Don't miss next week's News of the World, in which a convicted paedophile talks exclusively about the night Kerry sent her children round to his house to see his puppies.

Anonymous said...

Ogden is a prize prat, I'm his uncle and i know the guy dont know fact from fiction, he wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him. He's only doing all this for the money why he can't leave Kerry alone to get on with her life i don't know, When i next see him we'll be having words to say the least

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