Monday, July 09, 2007

Groovy, man: 3AM save the world

Today's 3AM Girls column bizarrely is subtitled "VIP backstage at Live Earth", as if they've got themselves confused with the Sunday People's column. But even more puzzlingly, they've started writing like they're Ed Sullivan:

JOHNNY Borrell looked less than pleased when Razorlight's stage monitors failed in the middle of their set. He told the crowd: "Sorry, you can hear us but we can't hear ourselves."

Well we can assure you, Johnny, you were simply fab.

Fab? Fab?

There's also a bizarre piece about Justin Timberlake:
OH Lordy! Whatever happened to Justin Timberlake's appearance on stage?

Our ill-informed rivals claimed that JT was going to appear on stage with Duran Duran. Sorry, but it was never going to happen.

Well done, 3Amies, for, erm, reporting that something didn't happen in front of hundreds of millions people and trying to spin that as somehow proving that they're in the know.

We can all do that: I can exclusively reveal there was never any chance that Phil Collins would bring Sonia on stage to do Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The possibility that a naked Anna Friel would dance to the sound of panpipes on the Wembley stage? That was never, ever going to happen.

Still, the 3AMies did do some useful poking about backstage:
PRIZE for the most exotic dressing room goes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was like a boudoir with incense, drapes and Afghan rugs.

All, we're certain, carbon-offset. We bet.