Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gordon in the morning 2: Man about the Winehouse

This seemed worthy of its own entry: Gordon's story yesterday about the other Blake in Amy Winehouse's life (you'll recall he found two men with the same name very confusing) is followed up today with an unsourced "pal" reporting Amy's explanation:

A pal said: “She’s said it’s fine so share a hotel room because he is gay."

Gordon though isn't called Smart for nothing. It might have fooled George Roper when those girls from the upstairs flat said Robin Tripp was gay, but nothing gets past Gordon. Or, sorry, "Amy's 'Pal'":
“But he doesn’t seem gay to me — I think he’s bisexual. Amy’s husband wouldn’t be happy if he saw how close they are.”

He doesn't seem gay to me. Sadly, we're not given any further suggestions by Gordon - sorry, Amy's Pal, how one might be able to tell those men who seem gay. Could it be plumage? Could it be mating calls? Is Blake seemingly not gay in the same way that Gordon believes his masthead suit is?


Olive said...

Silly Gordon. If only he'd read Beth Ditto's entertaining and informative piece in the Guardian last week, he'd know that there's more than one way of being gay!

Anonymous said...

Clearly Gordon's vying for Dear Dierdre's position as resident Agony columnist. Kids! Confused about your sexuality? Don't know where to turn? Just email Dear Gordon a photo of yourself, and let him tell you your sexuality simply by looking at you. Gay, straight or bi, Gordon's the man to ask*! Or try the Gordon Gold premium service, just £4.99, and let Gordon tell you if you have any tendancies towards cross-dressing, BDSM or that one where you dress up as cuddly animals**.

* 96% accuracy guaranteed
** Please note that if Gordon detects any sick paedo perv leanings, he will pass your details to the authorities, as soon as he's finished captioning that day's photo exclusive of Girls Aloud dressed in school uniforms.

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