Sunday, March 16, 2008

NOTW jibes at Doherty

There's a pointless space-filler from today's News of the World - Stars At Their Worst. This purports to be "pictures they want banned" but they consist of things like Amy Winehouse looking a bit wobbly and Britney Spears wearing ripped tights, which hardly is their "worst" and, you imagine, not the pictures they'd have had banned first, given the opportunity.

There's also one of Pete Doherty, but it's the caption rather than the close-up of his nails that catches the eye:

Former Libertines guitarist Pete Doherty is mostly famous for being Kate Moss's druggy ex boyfriend.

The second half of the sentence is, you'd have to admit, probably fair, but it's a little bit ungenerous to boil him down to 'former Libertines guitarist', isn't it?