Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peaches Geldof gets another job

The announcement of an MTV show is always a time for sadness. In the US, they're busily playing off the children of the famous one against another. Here in the UK, being a smaller nation, we have a tighter supply of celebrity and so MTV is forced to use a single celebrity child to play the rest of the nation off.

Yes, brace yourself for an MTV series in which Peaches Geldof edits a celebrity magazine:

A source close to Peaches, whose 19th birthday bash I attended on Thursday, said: "She has always loved the world of glossy magazines. But aside from the showbiz parties and celebrity interviews, there will be serious work to be done." MTV viewers will see Peaches, currently dating Faris Badwan from The Horrors, interview and then pick a team of writers on the weekly show - produced by her dad Sir Bob Geldof's TV company Ten Alps.

This might sound familiar, as it's effectively the barely-noticed ITV2 series Deadline, only with the barely-famous faces doing the writing replaced with the public, and the editor who knows what they're doing replaced by a celebrity. Which seems to cause a bit of a problem - it's like doing the Apprentice, but having the Alan Sugar role filled by Lily Allen. What, exactly, does Geldof Junior know about running a magazine? Isn't this a little like having a pro-am golf tournament, only with the pros replaced by amateurs as well?


Anonymous said...

Peaches Geldof is reason to murder.

Jack said...

it's like doing the Apprentice, but having the Alan Sugar role filled by Lily Allen.

Don't give the BBC ideas!

D said...

I went to an interview for this. At no point did they ask to see any examples of my work... and at one point during the interview they asked "How would you feel if a celebrity was the editor"

I replied "As long as it's not that CUNT Peaches Geldof I'll be happy. I keep having run-ins with her"

Sadly however this wouldn't make good viewing and I didn't get the job. Shame.

Anonymous said...

my god what she is so up her own arse it's unreal! "Disappear her up your arse" She seems to think she's some sort of creative genius and she can barely string a sentence together. Just a rude evil brat!..........Bob must be so proud!

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