Monday, September 22, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Mother's back

A nervous day for Gordon Smart, as his predecessor and boss, Victoria Newton, returns to the kingdom clutching an exclusive - nay, world exclusive - interview with Victoria Beckham.

What could be so crucial about Beckham's message for the world that it's brought Newton back from her new, lofty perch, counting paper-clips and making sure that the PowWow man leaves enough bottles of water?

“Yes, I am eating more. I think you do eat more when you’re working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it’s good all round.”

Newton, you'll recall, is not the sort of journalist to take someone's word for that - she seeks evidence to back up the claim. Luckily, she's at lunch with Beckham and so doesn't need to create a "pal" to drum up a quote about seeing Posh with a Lion Bar:
For the record, lunch when we met was grilled fish, salad with balsamic dressing (on the side) and water, followed by peppermint tea.

Since this is a meal which represents "eating more", it does make you wonder what she was eating before, back when she was eating less. Perhaps she'd have them hold the peppermint in the tea.

We're kidding. Naturally, Newton wouldn't abandon her executive office just to report that Beckham is slowly coming to terms with salad dressings. No, no: there's hair, too. Victoria Beckham has hair:
Victoria caused shockwaves at NY Fashion Week when she turned up with her trendy new spikey haircut — nicknamed the Pop — yet she insists it wasn’t her idea. She just let the hairdresser loose.

She adds: “I do love it, and it’s easy to manage and David likes it so that’s all that matters. I wasn’t trying to copy anyone like AUDREY HEPBURN or MIA FARROW.

“I just told the hairdresser to use his imagination.”

If it's a trendy haircut - as Newton claims - then surely the last thing the hairdresser did was "use his imagination" and just slapped on what everyone else was having?

There are more shocks, though: Beckham has turned her back on shopping. She claims. Really:
“I don’t really go shopping any more — apart from the flea market I go to every Sunday. You can get some amazing vintage stuff there.

“That’s often where I get inspiration for my designs.”

Is it wise for a woman whose current line of business is flogging clothes to point out that, actually, you're better off going and buying second hand?

Newton concludes her puff-piece for the former Spice Girl by, effectively, handing over her notepad and offering her the chance to note down any thoughts she might have:
“I don’t really give a shit what people think about me. I’m more grown up now and I’ve learned not to care so much what people say.

“It feels fantastic that everything I’ve worked so hard for over the past five years is coming together.

“I’ve been on the covers of Vogue, I’m respected in the fashion industry, and ANNA WINTOUR (the legendary Vogue editor) takes my calls.”

It's odd that someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her, erm, clearly worries a lot what Anna Wintour, trouser merchants and Vogue think of her.


Anonymous said...

She adds: “I do love it, and it’s easy to manage and David likes it so that’s all that matters. I wasn’t trying to copy anyone like AUDREY HEPBURN or MIA FARROW."

I'd like to defend Beckham, as a fellow sufferer of Celebrity Tourette's Syndrome. It's not easy for us - We can be sat in a nice restaurant enjoying normal conversation, and then suddenly find ourselves bellowing the names of famous people. You never BOB CAROLGEES know when it's BARRY CHUCKLE going to happen next DUSTIN GEE. You just WINCY WILLIS have to get ANDY CRANE on with your life THAT BLOKE ON THE PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SHOW WHO BLEW SMOKE INTO BUBBLES.

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