Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rate 08: This year just gone: December 2008

Mark Morrison turned his back on a cruel Leicester and Barack Obama can apparently do without an iPod. Boy George was convicted of keeping an escort chained in his house, and may yet go to jail. The brief prospect that we might get shot of Coldplay soon was snatched away by Chris Martin.

There's a dreadful threat that next year might bring with it a new Sex Pistols album and a Stone Roses reunion. The Specials reunion turned out to have already turned acrimonious, with Jerry Dammers unhappy at being sidelined.

Festivals are now so overpriced, they're selling tickets on the drip. The collapse of Woolworths looks like it might bring Zavvi down - there was still some money about, though, as it was revealed in court The Sun had made a fifty grand payment to Amy Winehouse's drug dealers and the Mail On Sunday went into the record business.