Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where is the love, asks Mark Morrison

For some reason, the original Leicester Mercury story detailing Mark Morrison's feelings of alienation from his home town have disappeared, but luckily our friends at My Chemical Toilet caught it before it disappeared.

Morro, it seems, can't work out why he hasn't been clasped to the Midlands bosom:

"I showed Leicester the love and that city never showed me the love back. That place has shown me nothing but contempt."

Well, perhaps, but I suspect you're confusing indifference with contempt, Mark.

He's particularly upset that Gary Lineker and Engelbert Humperdinck are lauded by the city while he's... well, he thinks people are snickering at him, behind his back:
"I will always be the all-time musical great of your city. I'm The Beatles of that city."

Ah, yes, and 'Return Of The Mac' is Leicester's Yesterday, and... some other song by Morrison is the Helter Skelter, and... did he do three songs? If he did, the third one would be the city's Ballad Of John And Yoko, probably.

The City of Leicester has reacted to Morrison's claims that he will never visit the place again by building a massive tourism advertising campaign around the theme 'The one place you can be certain of never seeing Mark Morrison', although the Top 40 has been using the same slogan for several years.

[Thanks for the tip to Simon T]


Anonymous said...

True story - I met Morrison before Return of the Mack was released and he was a lovely bloke. We played a game of pool together, and he was humble, chatty and looking forward to the release of a record he hoped people would like.

I met him again about a month after it was released, and he was an absolute tosser. I've never seen success go to someone's head so quickly before or since. It was astounding.

Cobardon said...

"I will always be the all-time musical great of your city. I'm The Beatles of that city."

Queen's John Deacon is from there. Let's think, who's had more success - Queen or Morrison? Tough call.

Anonymous said...

You can see Leicester's point, really. Imagine the costs involved in changing the boundary signs to say 'Leicester: Home of Mark Morrison', only to have to go round a week later and change them again to say 'No, Not Him From The Bluetones, You're Thinking of Someone Else'.

Spence said...

"'No, Not Him From The Bluetones, You're Thinking of Someone Else'."

Would that be a slight return of the Mack?


I'll get me coat. Or mac.

Simon said...

Google Cache is your friend:

Olive said...

I always thought of Gaye Bykers on Acid as the Beatles of Leicester. I suppose that would make Crazyhead the Rolling Stones of Leicester.

Chris Brown said...

The scary thing is that he had about five Top 10 hits, including such classics as 'Crazy', 'Horny' and 'Moan N Groan'. The prison jokes pretty much wrote themselves. And who could forget his duet with Connor Reeves on 'Best Friend'?

The really scary thing is that I didn't have to look that up.

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