Monday, November 09, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Liam's trousers drop

Mr Smart goes to the Pretty Green launch, and who is the last man standing punting his overpriced clothes to?

I was shocked to see This Morning's seemingly-sweet host HOLLY WILLOUGHBY chatting to Liam's missus NICOLE APPLETON and on a tear-up with KASABIAN and RICHARD ASHCROFT.

Another surprise guest was Sugababe HEIDI RANGE, there with her bloke DAVE BERRY.

It's probably slightly more surprising that Ashcroft was there than Range, isn't it? This is a man flogging trousers off the back of his name - that's much more This Morning than XFM.
Liam spent most of the night chatting to MILES KANE from THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS. There's talk he's trying to persuade Miles to form a band with him.

Let's hope that's just the fevered imagination of Gordon running hot, and not based in any trufax. The last thing we need is people starting to form semisupergroups from other band's less-interesting members.

And, remember, this is a tribute, not a ghoulish cash-in:
BOYZONE will release a tribute single to STEPHEN GATELY next year featuring him singing lead vocals.

Bandmate RONAN KEATING revealed plans to cleverly remix the song - which the lads wrote with MIKA - so it showcases Stephen's voice.

It just sounds rather like a cash-in when Keating starts saying things like this:
It's going to be the biggest song of next year, I promise.

That's 2010 ruined by the sound of cash registers ringing mawkishly, then.