Sunday, December 13, 2009

This week just gone

The most popular posts from five years ago this year:

1. Amy Lee plots to strangle Britney Spears with her corset
2. Liveblog: The last Mark and Lard show of all
3. RIP John Peel
4. Is there no end to the Bedingfield clan?
5. Remembering the old Radio Five
6. 2004 Best-of lists
7. Don't try to rip off Cliff Richard fans
8. Oasis when they were still fab-ish
9. RIP Jan Berry
10. Atlantic Records propose cheapo and luxury versions of CDs

Back in 2009, these were the interesting releases this week:

Ray Davies - Kinks Choral Selection

download Kinks Choral Selection

The Get-Up Kids - On A Wire

download On A Wire

Deus - Worst-Case Scenario [Deluxe Edition]

download Worst Case Scenario

The Silkie - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

The Cute Lepers - Smart Accessories

download Smart Accessories


Simon said...

What happened to all the other Bedingfields? When Daniel emerged we were endlessly told that he was part of a whole family of talented singers that could create some kind of dynasty, and now none of them can get arrested.

That said, I've just seen that Natasha played the Nobel Peace Prize concert. Maybe, in the way The Bravery didn't take off in America until long after they'd been dropped in Britain, she's concentrating on other markets now.

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