Thursday, August 12, 2004

Is Amy Lee writing her own slash fic?

IS AMY LEE WRITING HER OWN SLASH FIC?: Leaving aside the issues raised by her whole wanting to kill Britney Spears thing, we're not sure that Amy Lee from Evanescencedidn't just turn herself on a little when she was describing how she'd do it...

"First I would take my corset off and strangle her around her big gymnast neck. Then I would poison her, the way Snow White was poisoned in the fairy tales. And then afterwards I would dye her hair back to the original colour."

Now, is it just us, or does that mean she's going to grappling with Britney with her breasts jiggling? And how exactly do you strangle someone with a corset?

And does she really mean she's going to poison Brit in the way Snow White was - Snow White being poisoned by an apple offered by an older woman jealous of the young girl's beauty, of course?


Anonymous said...

Wow... you think about that WAY too much. Amy Lee, I'm sure, was making a comment on how irritating Brittany Spears is. Oh, as far as the corset thing goes, corsets have cords, you can strangle some with pretty much any kind of cord or rope. Also, Amy Lee is beautiful, Brittany is an ugly skank.

Anonymous said...

i agree 100 percent, and yes amy lee is probably the sexiest rock star alive, maybe even the sexiest woman from arkansas as well, and there are some fine ass woman from arkansas

Anonymous said...

mmmm i love me a sexy goth with an extremely sexy voice...mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm GOOOOOOD

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she meant the one of the other ways she was poisoned in the fairy tales, like with the comb.

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