Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: May 2010

Elvis Costello thought again on playing Tel Aviv and Madonna was unhappy with Malawi's disregard for human rights. Morrissey slapped down Stephen Street for daring to play a twenty second clip of a demo. Even angrier was Ian Astbury, who raged that nobody had stopped him pretending to be Jim Morrison. Because we were laughing too hard, Ian.

Guess who Liam Gallagher is going to make a film about? Oh, yes. The Beatles. However did you guess? Meanwhile, Katy Perry was paying tribute to something called Big Star without really knowing who or why. Peter Andre took a new role as something to do while queuing for a rollercoaster.

After his promo team slapped an advert on a wall that was a memorial to Elliott Smith, Roger Waters nearly managed a sincere apology. Nearly. The invitation for Shakira to record the official world cup song was about as popular as the England team.

MIA took against a New York Times interviewer who suggested that her life might be a bit comfier than her image would imply. And Axl Rose was upset about something, too but he often is. Miley Cyrus looked agape at Glee because, they burst into song. You don't do that in real life.

Apparently assuming we'd need his advice, Simon Cowell endorsed David Cameron. Meanwhile, a Susan Boyle-P Diddy duet was being talked up in the hope that either party might believe they'd agreed to do it while out of control. Mel B had reached the nadir of a reality TV show.

Which? magazine lamented the loss of indie record shops. Now it was no longer enjoying the benefits of rivals closing, HMV returned to decline.

Format of the month: Some odd thing where you'd be emailed a CD you buy at a branch of - yes - HMV.

It turned out closure was just the marketing device 6Music had been waiting for. Prince William went to the Radio One Roadshow. Didn't do Bits And Pieces, though.

Losing one: Interpol. Quitting 6: George Lamb. Gaining Mick Hucknall: The Faces.

Apple refused an Atari Teenage Riot app in case it lead teenagers to riot. I got a DCMA takedown notice for, erm, a song Seasick Steve's PR team had sent me to share online. The RIAA helpfully published a list of really good filesharing websites, while winning a victory over Limewire. Yes, it was still going, apparently.

Xtina was too busy too tour, Bono threw his back out and Adam Ant went back to hospital.

The JLS dollies went in to production, with the toy company hoping that the band's fans wouldn't be too grown up by the time they reached the shops.

This month, Lady GaGa's life was being turned into a comic.