Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: October 2010

The recession took down The Liberace museum, and everything was hauled back into a closet. More worryingly, other great swathes of music history were reported to be crumbling into dust. On the other hand, irony-free copies of Lennon's Imagine guitar were being marketed. Can you put a figure on Michael Jackson's life? His dad has tried. You could buy Rihanna for a bag of Doritos, though. And, clearly short of a few bob, Madonna launched a chain of gyms.

The Daily Mail decided Katy Perry was fat, based on an apparent inability to write about women unless in terms of their weight. The perpetually confused Westboro Church - they're the ones who turn out to picket army funerals - adopted Ozzy Osborne as their saviour. Tiring of the Anti-Defamation League pretending to be outraged, Roger Waters re-edited his Wall film. Dave McCabe was ordered to pay the guy he attacked.

Moe Tucker came out in support of the Tea Party. The liking of Madonna was formally criminalised. Adam Lambert promised to not be too gay when he played Malaysia because he didn't want to make people uncomfortable.

We probably charged too much for music, admitted Rob Dickins, while the RIAA seem annoyed that Google wanted to charge money for doing a job. Welsh artists started to talk about dumping PRS in favour of a local body. Across the Channel, the French government was offering to buy everyone songs. The RIAA finally closed down Limewire, about two years after people stopped using it.

Returning: The Hit Parade. Reunited: Razorlight. Wrapping up: Trembling Blue Stars. Going solo: Crispian Mills. In development: Julian Cope the movie. Bankrupted: Omarion.

Nas doesn't think Def Jam is well run. Dido picked up a lawsuit from a spaceman. And Selfridges ripped off Frank Sidebottom.

The Cast Of Glee turned out to be bigger than The Beatles, thereby knocking Jesus into third place.

Resonance FM passive-aggressively axed Max Tundra. Commercial radio still complained that the BBC was cheating by not being as rubbish as they are.

This month, Lady GaGa turned out to have had a bit part in The Sopranos.