Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Julian Cope: The movie

This is potentially fascinating: David Morrissey has bought the rights to Julian Cope's Head On and is trying to secure funding to turn it into a movie.

At the moment, Morrissey is thinking of being Bill Drummond and - inevitably - Rhys Ifans is being muttered about for the Cope role. (Really? Is it now a law that Ifans is the only person in the UK who can pretend to have done drugs in front of a camera?)

No word yet on potential casting for Pete Wylie, but I hear that Pete Wylie might be available.


Nick Raybould said...

Last winter I saw a play in which David Morrissey co-stared with the perfect Julian Cope: Steven Mackintosh


Anonymous said...

iam the perfect julian h cope - offers?

simon h b said...

Pete Wylie... is that you?

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