Friday, October 01, 2010

Johnny Borrell is so kicked back

Here's something worrying - apparently Razorlight are making a new album:

Johnny [Borrell] told radio station Xfm: "Big bands get too serious about things. You get very self important and rock and roll is not worth taking too seriously."
I know we should be polite and say something encouraging like "You, Johnny? Self-important? Oh, never", but... well, yes. Yes, you're right.
"The last album was a breakup album and I'm not breaking up with anybody at the moment, thank God, so this is another party album."
Another party album? Just because you don't wear a shirt doesn't make the record a party album, Johnny.
"To me it is going back more to the spirit and the energy of 'Up All Night' or the 'Somewhere Else' kind of Razorlight, which is my favourite period of the band - it's an energetic rock 'n' roll album."
I cherish that even when he's telling us how much of a party album he's making, he still sounds serious and self-important.


Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking it's 'trendy' to knock Borrell but I see no evidence of supposed egotism in his quotes here, which are simply saying what the new album's gonna be like (with no comments about quality). When are people gonna stop jumpin on the train and start thinking for themselves...

simon h b said...

Anonymous, it stopped being trendy to knock Borrell when everyone forgot who he was.

Read his quotes again, but this time remember that he's a singer in a mid-market band. It's like someone who poots down to Perkins for Saturday breakfast on a motorbike they only ride at weekends talking like they're Barry Sheene.

Anonymous said...

re: simon hb
me, I'm not in a band - but if I was, I'd be flattered that someone was poring over my comments in as much detail as you - and coming up with the wrong reading!

simon h b said...

I've got to be straight with you, it's two seconds of reading the quote, five seconds of eye-rolling and ten seconds of typing. But if you'd be flattered by that sort of attention, you'd be most welcome.

jimbo said...

Now now guys! 'Anonymous' was against knee-jerk reaction. Simon hb claims his response wasn't. Who cares. Leave it there.

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