Friday, October 01, 2010

Gordon in the morning: JLS apparently love getting pleasure from RIM

Curious. Given how rarely JLS string together words into actual sentences, when they talk about Blackberry's proprietary instant messaging system in this morning's Sun they sound like... well, salespeople:

Aston said: "That's the new thing, the PINs. It's just PINs everywhere. Do you remember MSN? Instant messaging? That's what it's like.

"I always revert to my BlackBerry because that's the only thing I text on. It's just easier and it's an instant message."

Oritse added: "And you know when the person's read the message, which is quite cool."
"Yes, and you can deal with Carphones 4 U to get a Blackberry Daddio on an unlimited PIN scheme for just £24-99 a month, I understand" read Squibble from a small piece of paper.

Still, would have loved to have seen the temples of News International lawyers when Gordon mentioned he was going to run a piece about mobile phone PINs this morning.

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JLS can read?

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