Friday, December 23, 2011

We need to talk about '11: April

Liam Gallagher's ambition for Beady Eye was to be bigger than The Beatles. Let's start with being as big as Ringo's All Star Band, shall we? The manager of hitherto largely unknown band One Soul Thrust got himself into a downloading tizzy. At least the empty battle between Kings Of Leon and Glee came to an end.

Less than a year after slagging off American Idol, Roger Daltrey turned up begging for a slot. Yet to arrive in cinemas is the promised Jagger and Bowie comedy buddy movie, and banned from the listings were Holy Fuck.

Lady GaGa attempted to bully photographers, shut down Weird Al and tossed around 'retarded' as an insult.

The people who run the Grammys suddenly noticed that their ceremony drags on a bit. NME suddenly realised its Joss Stone and Muse Olympic anthem story was bollocks. Will I Am suddenly noticed My Humps was a terrible, terrible song.

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist was forced to make a grovelling apology to Talking Heads, but Congress got treated to a White Stripes video to help them understand the banking crisis.

MySpace went up for sale and the Metro worried the cuts to free Spotify would create bad pirates. Google tried to play nicely with the majors, but even Google do not have unending patience. New Zealand used the death and destruction of the Christchurch Earthquake to, erm, tighten up copyright law.

Did George Osborne's budget save HMV? Not so much. But Adele's massive sales might help.

Splitting: The Music and You, Me And Everyone We Know. Returning: Danny Baker.

An academic tried to answer the question does teen music make you more depressed?

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