Thursday, April 21, 2011

And a bit more on Lady GaGa taking herself too seriously...

Weird Al Jankovic asked Lady GaGa if he could do a parody of Born This Way.

Despite, you know, how she's dedicated her life to "pushing the boundaries of love and acceptance", GaGa decided she didn't love the idea and didn't accept it.

Weird Al called Fair Use, and went ahead and did it any way:

Having been thus trumped, we can read GaGa's po-face as her management have backed down and given the project their blessing. Not that they could withold it.

Let's hope, though, that Weird Al doesn't get into trouble with the musician behind the original track. Madonna can be quite a hardcase.

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unemployedandlazyal said...

Turns out her manager rejected it without consulting Miss GG personally. Or it's a massive U-turn after the internets got involved.

Well played young Yankovic. Well played.

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