Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Your one-stop ballot box for pop-related election coverage. Or maybe election-related pop coverage. One or the other. You know how these work: bookmark this page for updated links to other No Rock stuff on the election.

Wednesday 6th April
In the campaign, UKIP announces plans to field 500 candidates
Tom Morello: Don't vote until you speak to Billy Bragg

Sunday 9th April
In the campaign, The Tories attempt to make immigration an issue, again, hoping the electorate are as nasty as they are
Revist Charles Kennedy's Desert Island Discs choices

Monday 10th April
In the campaign, The Tories launch their manifesto
Chris Martin asks: Won't someone think about the Africans?

Tuesday 11th April
In the campaign, Charles Kennedy expands his supporter base by one as his wife gives birth
Billy Bragg kicks off his tactical voting campaign against Oliver Letwin

Monday 18th April
In the campaign, Lib Dems introduce the concept of 'visible policing', pledging that no longer will the Met be able to use their invisibility cloaks
The Sun launches an attempt to Rock The Vote UK, using youth icons Joss Stone and Trevor Kavanagh

Friday 22nd April
In the campaign, lorry drivers once again threaten to make everyone's lives miserable so they can spare a couple of pence on diesel
Make Chris Martin PM, say NME readers

Tuesday 3rd May
In the campaign, Michael Howard had been driving around without a properly taxed bus
Otis Ferry re-emerges to try to shout at Blair
Liam Fox: His eye-make-up past

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