Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Thanks to Maximus at Voltage for rattling our peaceful sleep by flagging up the glam-rock past of Liam Fox. Yes, that Liam Fox.

There is nothing effeminate about the stocky, strait-laced Fox. But the music that he likes, from Roxy Music to Soft Cell to Prince to Kate Bush, is not exactly what one would call rugged. "The first music that I got into was glam rock," says Fox. "And I think Ultravox and Visage are great.

There's something unnerving about the idea of Liam Fox sitting in his bedroom listening to Steve Strange; and, ultimately, it's disappointing: we've always thought you can rely on a person's taste in music to predict with a degree of accuracy if you'd be able to get on with them. But if someone who grew up with Babooshka and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye on their Boots tape player can wind up seriously believing that Michael Howard is the man with the right stuff, we can't have faith in that theory any more.

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