Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Dimwitted scion of a glam rock god, Otis Ferry has reappeared. You'll recall Bryan's son twatted about in the House of Commons last year, because he really, really believed that everything the countryside means was about to be ruined by the ban on fox hunting. Despite having been proved resoundingly wrong - hunts are still taking place, under less cruel rules; village life hasn't fallen to pieces; horses haven't had to be eaten - Ferry is still determined that the hunting ban be treated as a major election issue. We're sure, actually, that Blair would agree with him, as it'd probably make a nice change for him to have some dimwitted posho heckling instead of having to churn through the Iraq war all over again. And today, Otis finally caught up with Tony:

When Mr Blair emerged, he shouted: "Tony Blair, go back to the city. That's the only place you're welcome. Stop smiling, you greasy..."

At that point, Mr Ferry's rant was obediently reined in while in mid-flow, by a timely word of warning from a policeman, who uttered "careful".

Oddly, Ferry was silenced by a single word, which seems a bit of a comedown from a man happy to parade onto the floor of the house.

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TheEditrix said...

You don't know much about the country or fox hunting, or do you?


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