Monday, April 11, 2005


Broadly, of course, we're in agreement with the article Chris Martin has signed - sorry, written - in today's Times, where he sets out his big election issue. Yes, we need to sort out the African debt crisis and free trade. But does Chris really believe that this is the key issue at this election?

It is often said that ordinary people don’t care about issues such as Africa, but I don’t think this is true. Look at the £37 million raised by Comic Relief this year. Look at the 6.5 million people who have signed the Big Noise petition to make trade fair

Mmm, people do care about it, but the issue which will guide people's hands at the ballot box? That seems unlikely. More to the point: if it is, shouldn't Martin be suggesting what strategy those concerned about Africa should be adopting at the polls? But advice there comes none (although, frankly, we can probably all work out for ourselves that Oliver Letwin as Chancellor isn't going to be news they'll be hoping for in Sub-Saharan Africa). There's not even advice about things to look out for, questions to ask local candidates. In effect, Martin's big piece about the election isn't about the election at all.

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Kiril said...

Africa, of course is a continent, not an issue. Is he speaking of tribalism? Corruption? Ethnic cleansing? Structural inefficiency? Crippling debt?
No, he's probably talking about food shortages, caused by all the above, but always up for a one-off fix by doing a one-day gig, an easy way to say, "look, I've done my bit to save the world."
Y'all should make him PM and every solution could be solved with a concert. Of course, "M3 Offramp Repair-Aid" doesn't have the same ring...

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