Sunday, October 07, 2007

This week just gone

This week on No Rock & Roll Fun

The ten most-ogled individual pages:

1. R Kelly: what's on the video?
2. Edith Bowman naked for charity
3. Lily Allen naked nowhere
4. McFly naked on stage
5. Radio 1's first 40 years
6. Beth Ditto naked on the front of the NME
7. Radio 1: Keeping it Peel?
8. Is KT Tunstall a lesbian? No
9. Britney Spears video awards meltdown
10. Ronnie Hazlehurst, Wikiepedia, Reach and research

Also this week:
The X Factor launched a smell in a bottle while Sharon Osbourne blamed daytime TV for her not being good at daytime TV; Kerry Katona launched her career as a writer, inbetween phantom miscarriages and drug problems; Radiohead offered an album for what people would pay for it while The Charlatans plan to give theirs away. Oh, and Gary Barlow tutted over the state of British music.

You can read the whole week on one page
or skim the previous week in one post.

Five years ago:
Kylie Mingoue's naked-ish GQ cover; EMI's big Robbie Williams deal saw its shares slum; Pete Waterman claimed he'd been ripping off Wagner for Kylie and Sonia's work; Richard Park was just one of many slagging off Fame Academy - despite being in it. A major label owner admitted that they'd done pretty well out the Nazis while Bruce Bartlett's right-wing chart proved to be nothing of the sort. Oh, anda bloke got arrested wanking at a Sleater-Kinney gig.

Buy things:

Six years overview of the much-missed Cathal Coughlan Microdisney project. He spat on me once. Inadvertently.

Radio One's reworking of NME's Ruby Trax 40th anniversary collection...

... which is 15 years older and about 70 times better

You could mark Radio 1's birthday with a VHS backstage tour narrated by Bruno Brookes...

... or Simon Garfield's excellent eyewitness to Bannister's year zero

New this week: Ken Garner - compiler of In Session Tonight - delivers a Peel biographer which focuses on his role in late 20th century music

Away from the Radio One festivities, Idlewild whip out a best-of

The Ramones-meet-Quatro of The Donnas returns

Like Beth Ditto, only with the other half of the clue, Ani DiFranco pulls together three CDs of retrospect and overlooks

A hefty forty quid, but a hefty box of Emmylou Harris rarities

Tucking their Whiley-outraging award under their arms, Klaxons get to work on a Bugged Out mix

After the other Stars sort-of new album, this is the proper new one

A hodge-podge of early House of Love singles and bsides made into something called The German Album

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