Sunday, September 28, 2008

More bemusing questions from the News Of The World

The NOTW gets incredible excited this morning over some really grotty pictures of Ron Wood and Ekaterina Ivanova having supper:

IT COULD be the most EXPENSIVE dessert in HISTORY as Ronnie Wood lets his Russian lover tenderly spoon ice cream into his mouth in our pictures of their intimate dinner together.

For the final chilling bill for the old Stone’s cosy £100 meal with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova could run to as much as £50 MILLION.

On the front of the site, they go further, describing the grimy shots as
Photos that could cost Ronnie £50million

But, clearly, they're not. If it's true that his wife has had enough, and is planning to divorce him, and the settlement does match the paper's back-of-a-condom-packet calculations, it's hard to see why the photo would make much difference one way or another to the already very public and apparent situation. Unless, perhaps, sharing a tiramisu with a woman not your wife is a bigger betrayal than any other.