Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week just gone

These were the most popular August stories:

1. News Of The World prints picture of Michael Jackson's death bed; but not online
2. RIP: Andy Parle
3. Mark Lester: The girl is mine, or at least I was your daddy sperm
4. Brian Molko collapses on stage
5. Malcolm Laycock canned by Radio 2; makes a fuss
6. Radiohead: Download Harry Patch tribute song
7. RIP: Mike Seeger
8. Radiohead premiere new track on Today
9. RIP: Shawn Patrick Kelley
10. RIP: Willy DeVille

This all looked kind of interesting, and new:

Imogen Heap - Ellipse

download Ellipse

The Fiery Furnaces - I'm Going Away

download Blueberry Boat

An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music

download Chinese Experimental Music

Uh Huh Her - Common Reaction

download their song off the Hotel For Dogs soundtrack. Or don't; I quite understand

The Fall - Last Night At The Palais

download A Past Gone Mad

Daniel Johnston - Welcome To My World

download Welcome To My World

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug

download Karaoke - In the style of the Arctic Monkeys

Brendan Benson - My Old Familiar Friend

download The Alternative To Love

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

download Black River Killer

Sally Shapiro - My Guilty Pleasure

download My Guilty Pleasure

Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencils with Ergonomic Wave Grip


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