Monday, August 03, 2009

Indieobit: Andy Parle

Horribly sad news this morning, as Andy Parle, one-time drummer with Space, has died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Parle was a founder member of Space, helping the band ride a perhaps unexpected route to the charts - Female Of The Species was used heavily on ITV thirtysomethinglite Cold Feet. He left in 1998, finding life in a Top 40 act less rewarding than concentrating on the music; it's probably fair to say that his departure came at the peak of Space's commercial success.

Parle apparently fell while crossing Park Road, Dingle. Bleeding heavily, he was taken to the Royal, where he died. Police are treating his death as "unexplained" and are keen to talk witnesses who might help explain what happened.

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mike-shannon said...

i live on park rd and every day i wud c andy he wud always say good mornin to me as usual i wuz so shocked to hear had died cuz i had seen him that day he had been to a carnival in princess park and enjoyed in peace spaceman xxx tracey xxx

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