Sunday, August 16, 2009

Labelobit: Shawn Patrick Kelley

Sorry to hear of the death of Shawn Patrick Kelley who, with Tommi Emmi founded Oregon's Cymbalism Recordings.

The label gave a home to a wide range of bands, including Emmi's own Plan 9, Pure Phase and Fused Forces.

Kelley, who was engaged, died early yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Cymbalism is from Nebraska and always has been.

Shawn RIP was a great guy and loved his friends and family very much. music was his life...he will very much so be missed.

Dustin HLN

Unknown said...

In memorial to Shawn, an educational fund has been set up for his daughter Riley Marie. Donations may be made directly to her account via PayPal (with or without a PayPal account).

You will find a link for making the donation at Riley's web site or by just using this link to PayPal.

Thank you in advance for your kindness in this difficult time.

Shawn's Family

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