Sunday, August 12, 2007

This week just gone

Seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten, normally nudity-involved, most-read stories were:

1. Lily Allen swaps her trousers on a train
2. R Kelly's sex video will be shown in court - and now we know when
3. Heather Mills McCartney naked: is it really so fascinating?
4. McFly strip off their trousers
5. Airbrushed to buggery, Beth Ditto naked for the NME
6. Does KT Tunstall date women?
7. Akon hands out free sex toy vouchers
8. Rebekah Wade slams Sun journos as Doherty goes to Mirror
9. Britney Spears offers to show her breasts to get into movies
10. MP3 destroying computer virus - how deadly is it? (Not very)

Also this week:
Tony Wilson died; Universal took a ginger step towards DRM free downloads; U2 invested in Bolton; Amy Winehouse overdoses on, um, exhaustion; Alan McGee slagged off his greatest hits;Babyshambles plan to share a tour bus with The View as Pete was sent back home to live with his parents; Courtney Love and Lily Allen entered some sort of parallel-universe truce but not before Allen was turned back from immigration in the US. And - thank theLordi! - Eurovision isn't actually fixed.

Five years ago:
Orrin Hatch attempted to spin a musical career out of his everyone-hating political act - with support from Bono; the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis led to an - apparently serious - call for a rock and roll truth and reconciliation committee; Mark Goodier left Radio One; the two Bucks Fizz bands finally settled their differences; Napster version one appeared to own $25million worth of assets; Goo Goo Dolls turned their gigs into some sort of Harvest Festival; America wasn't impressed with Oasis while Oasis weren't impressed with America; Adam Ant pleaded guilty to affray; Hilary Rosen told the FT she didn't mind being attacked while Cary Sherman couldn't even begin to believe that record sales might be dropping because new music wasn't as exciting and Janis Ian suggested some new models for their industry which they ignored, of course; and 1xtra launched.

This was our tawdry market-place trawl:

Julian Cope returns with two discs' worth of politics, religion, parapolitics and "post-everything stasis"

Time to find out if Kate Nash's Foundations are strong enough to support a full album

The Coral release their now traditional biennial collection to the traditonally muted response

3 CD packages of Love's post-Elektra adventures with Blue Thumb

Surely this can't really be the first time Innes and Idle's Beatle-improving spoof The Rutles soundtrack has been on CD, can it?

Ivy York - big at home in Australia, apparently - brings the UK her Cyndi Lauper-meets-Julia Fordham debut

Bonus reboot remix remagiced edition of Ladytron's Witching Hour

Much delayed re-release of Sex Gang Children's 1993 Medea album as part of a slew of remasterings

The slightly misfiring nature of Devotchka's How It Ends might account for the three years its taken to secure a British release

Not noticeably different mixes of Joy Division released by the estate of Martin Hannett - however, with legal action being proposed by the New Orderites, might be worth buying for rarity value alone

Primal Scream fling out the Riot City Blues tour on DVD