Friday, August 10, 2007

U2 buy Bolton

Striking out on a solo side-project, Larry Mullen (through the Galvin Investments company) is buying a block of flats in Bolton.

Oddly his co-investor in the project is Colin Farrell. Don't you just hate it when actors decide they're going to get involved with rock music? Even when it's buying houses with rock musicians.

The builder of the Anvil, Woodthorpe Homes' Alan Hegarty, is very precise about what his new investors like:

"Colin and Larry were attracted to buy in Bolton by its location close to Manchester, the motorway network, and on the edge of the stunning West Pennine Moors.

"They were also attracted by the large-scale regeneration of the town centre."

"We have been told they are football fans and will find the location handy for going to matches at Old Trafford," he said.

He added that Bolton's location and regeneration plans were attracting young, affluent professionals to the town.

Unfortunately, though, they won't be able to buy any houses to live in, as they've all been snapped up by celebrity investors for their portfolio.


M.C. Glammer said...

They didn't fancy going to a Bolton game, then?

simon h b said...

I imagine their real interest in football is about as genuine as their concern for the positioning of Bolton with regard to the UK motorway network

M.C. Glammer said...

Say what you want about the Irish but they have the ability to learn - they've learned absentee landlordism very well.

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