Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Home To Roost: Starring Pete Doherty as Reece Dinsdale

BBC 6Music News is reporting that Pete Doherty has avoided jail for the 275th time, with the judge who was due to pass sentence on the "finding drugs in the car" charges putting sentencing on hold for a month. This is to allow her to give time to judges his "motivation" apparently.

Part of the conditions, though, include that he has to act as a butler to Jerry Seinfeld. Sorry... no, misread our note "sitcom justice" there. No, Pete has to go and live with his parents for the next month.

Yes. What a pity he was telling the Mirror last week he doesn't speak to his mother any more because of the book she published. (Presumably, only Pete is allowed to cash in on memoirs of his drug problems.)

That's going to make for a few frosty mornings at breakfast, isn't it?


chartonjeremiah said...

If only I could get out of jail for repeat offending by having breakfast with my parents each morning I'd have robbed every bank in sight and paid off all of my debts.

By the way, referring to Home To Roost reminds me that I always had a thing for Rebecca Lacey who played the daughter who sometimes came home. Oh, happy days!

Alex B said...

What is he going to have to do to be finally banged up?

Any normal person would have been serving a stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure 18 months ago yet Two Hats seems to be able to avoid it every single time.

Would murdering a judge do it? Or would he have to take out an MP?

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