Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh, no Big Bruvver...

Thus far, attempts by Big Brother's performing bears to spin a musical career out of their time in the house: Craig from series one released an album before he found a new career wearing dungarees on higher-numbered satellite channels; the rumoured reverse-engineering of an actual pop star out of fake pop star Chantelle never took.

Now, though, Kate Lawler is trying her luck with a single. Although, strictly speaking, she's remixing rather than actually making her own record - It's Love (Trippin'), to be precise.

Good luck competing with The Twins' cover of We Are The Cheeky Girls, Kate.

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Anonymous said...

She'd do more to keep her career afloat were she to release the "seven hours" worth of home porno movies she once claimed an ex-boyfirend still owned...

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