Thursday, December 29, 2011

We need to talk about '11: October

It's hard to recall that just three months ago, the world sat watching, holding its breath as the question of if Kele was or wasn't in Bloc Party was resolved. I can't recall what the outcome was, either.

The death of Steve Jobs gave Bono another chance to talk about himself. Fashion Week gave a platform to Kanye West to express himself. CBS gave Fred Durst a sitcom. Fox News gave Maroon 5 a war.

Jon Bon Jovi opened a brilliant-sounding cafe that is trying to see everyone gets fed for what they can afford.

Matt Cardle knows that 9/11 was an inside job. German prosecutors decided that Pete Doherty couldn't be held responsible for his own actions. The Kaiser Chiefs worried that their style of band was under threat.

Janice Long got mugged for her Echo & The Bunnymen backstage pass while Simon Cowell mugged a charity for its name.

The Michael Jackson tribute gig wound up a disappointing mix of underachievement and broken promises, like Jackson's career. But at least, unlike, Bring Me The Horizon, the audience didn't chase people off the stage.

Morrissey remembered he was suing the NME and UB40 ran out of money.

Hey: who knew that DRM didn't work. You didn't need MC Hammer's search engine to tell you that.

Splitting: Westlife. Reuniting: Magnapop's original line-up and Mazzy Star. Also The Stone Roses, which Gordon Smart seemed convinced was down to him.

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