Monday, October 17, 2011

UB40: Signing on again

The miserable recent past of UB40 projects into the miserable present, with the band being declared bankrupt following the collapse of DEP and the wrangles with Ali Campbell.

The four members of the band - Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Terence 'Astro' Oswald and Norman Hassan - have been given personal insolvency orders; Ali Campbell, meanwhile, is being smug from the safety of not being in the band any more:

His spokesman said the bankruptcy court case showed Ali was right to quit the band.
"It is ironic that the very week they celebrate their first gig they have been declared bankrupt, after administration began in 2006, vindicating both Ali and Mickey Virtue's decision to leave UB40," she said.
She then went on to flip a shiny sixpence at Campbell's former bandmates and said "buy yourselves a cup of tea, why don't you?"

There's something sadly circular about a band whose very name spoke of the last Thatcherite economic collapse should be dragged down in the latest Thatchertie economic collapse.

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