Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Matt Cardle: It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?

Clearly, the slow career progression being enjoyed by Matt Cardle means he's got too much time on his hands: He appears to spend his time reading long tracts on the internet:

He said: "Well, there's a lot of conspiracy. I've gotta be careful what I say. The whole 9/11 thing, something's not quite right there. I think the way it was portrayed on TV and who was responsible and the way it happened was not the way it happened."
You've got to love the "I've gotta be careful what I say", like he's a Julian Assange figure.
Then asked whether he believed the US government led by then-president George W.Bush was behind the attacks, Cardle reportedly responded by nodding vigorously.

Asked to elaborate, he said: "It's just not what they say it is. Other conspiracies might be true and the one I believe might also be bullshit. But all I do know is what they're saying is bullshit. From the things I've seen, I don't care what anyone says. To not question it is silly."
It turns out that Cardle will believe anything - that the X Factor is a way to shortcut the process to musical credibility; that there was a million dollar contract at the end of it; that George Bush was competent enough to organise 9/11 and a good enough actor to look so gormless when he was told about the planes.

Still, be careful Matt: we wouldn't want you disappearing totally from public view. I mean, obviously, you more-or-less did almost as soon as you won the X Factor.

Matt Cardle's 2012 tour will start in Guantanamo Bay, before concluding in the tunnels underneath Denver Airport THAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

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