Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maroon 5 now at war with Fox News

Parody news channel Fox News has gone to war with Maroon 5.

Fox quite likes using Maroon 5's music in the gaps between its swivel-eyed skrikecasts; Adam Levine has asked them to stop.

Fox doesn't like being told what to do. (It can work out what the Republicans want it to do all by itself). So they've wittily shot back:

Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy both replied to the singer on Twitter, each mocking the "Dear Fox News" phrasing of Levine's tweet. "Dear Adam, that's not music," wrote Gutfeld. Levine elaborated slightly in his tweet, writing "Dear @AdamLevine, don't make crappy fucking music ever again. Thank you."
Ha-ha, that's telling him. Telling him that the music you play on network is rubbish, admittedly, but telling him all the same.

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