Sunday, February 25, 2007

This week just gone

Another seven days on No Rock And Roll Fun

For a change, here's the ten most read articles not featuring stories about nudity:

1. KT Tunstall is a lesbian. No she isn't
2. Jo O'Meara's unhappy time house-sharing
3. Jo O'Meara makes it worse once she's out
4. Britney Spears downward week starts with shaving
5. Lady Sovereign calls Corinne Bailey Rae 'boring'
6. Pete Doherty takes drugs; backpacker takes photos
7. Will Young sort-of blamed for ruining Kenwood Park concerts
8. Damon Albarn claims Good, Bad and Queen hasn't got a name
9. Our Brits live coverage
10. The Jam get back together. Except, oh, Paul.

Also this week: Plans for EMI to drop DRM fell apart - EMI wanted the download stores to pay upfront; T in the Park sold out in forty minutes while Glastonbury registration numbers were put at a surprisingly low 175,000; Morrissey decided to not throw his hat into the Eurovision ring after all and Gareth Gates has returned shorn of stammer and, sadly, point.

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And five years ago this week... U2 did well at the Grammys - Walk On was the record of the year, and seriously we couldn't tell you how it went if it would stop you trying to get our PIN out of us; Leah Bett's parents - never shy of a publicity bandwagon - attacked Travis for saying they'd experimented with nearly every type of drug (thereby proving that drugs don't aid the creative process once and for all); websites hosting the (alleged) video of R Kelly having sex with a 14 year-old girl came up with novel answers to the question 'when is child porn not child porn' and the BBC were preparing to launch It's Hot, a Heat-for-teens. And Fred Durst, for some reason, said he'd only testify at the inquest of the fan crushed to death during a Limp Bizkit gig if he didn't have to set foot in Australia. Too busy, apparently.

These things we spread on a blanket and cried "who'll give us a fiver?" for this week:

Black Box Recorder, Client, and now solo: Sarah Nixey's Sing Memory

There's always been an I and Irie element to our music: Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood picks his reggae favourites

Sweeping The Nation alerted us to the re-release of McCarthy's fabulous I Am A Wallet - previously changing hands for a somewhat capitalist £40

The first studio album in four years from the marvellous Lucinda Williams

Apparently Yoko Ono is claiming that she's in WITCH, although she wasn't in season one

Romeo, Julia a Tma: Love, secrets and isolation in occupied Prague

Of course, Explosions In The Sky's All of A Sudden... leaked online before Christmas, so - if the record industry is right - nobody will buy this now

The Ataris try wearing shorts that fit in order to crossover from the skatepunk to the FM market

One disc mainly of Ramblin Syd Rumpo, one disc mainly of Beyond Our Ken stuff - precisely the legacy Kenneth Williams was afraid of. Oh, what's the bloody point?