Thursday, February 28, 2002

TRAVIS DROPS ONE, DROPS BOLLOCK When the odious Betts woman has a pop at Travis, you wonder which side you should be cheering for, don't you? Leah Bett's mother has apparently got on her soapbox to attack the blandscots for saying that they'd experimented with virtually every drug. Apparently unable to understand what "experimented with" means (and this woman has spent the last seven years trying to influence drug policies in this country?), she told the Scottish Daily Record "I hope they've stopped taking them." Yes. Experiment means try; Using means regular use. Understand?
But why would anti-drugs campaigners object to Travis saying they take drugs anyway? Surely the thought that you might end up a whey-faced pigeon-chest like Fran Healy is enough to put anyone off the Mitsubishis for life...
NME reports - but they've never done heroin or glue. What sorts of Scots nationalists are they?

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