Tuesday, February 26, 2002

VIDEO SAVES THE ROCK STAR AT KILLING?: Hmmm, so Fred Durst is now offering to testify at the inquest into the Squished Bizkit fan death in Australia. Only, of course, he's too busy to actually go to Australia so he's offering to do it over videolink. Nice, Fred - no danger of perjuring yourself through a videolink, is there? And, of course, if you sit firmly at home chatting down an ISDN line, you can keep up the pretence of giving a shit about your fans while simultaneously keeping yourself safe from being served with a private prosecution for your part in the tragedy.
Of course, maybe you have nothing to worry about from such a private prosecution - perhaps the allegations that, despite having concerns about the safety of the security of the event, you encouraged the audience to bait the front of house guys trying to sort out the problem are little more than tittle-tattle. After all, a friend of the girl who died has defended your behaviour as "trying to communicate with the audience on their own level." Is your schedule really so busy that you can't find a week to help get to the truth behind the death of a fan - one of the fans you claim to be the sole motivation of what you do? And, whatever the truth is, it's clear there was a serious problem with safety at the event. Don't you feel a duty to get involved with trying to make sure that never happens again?
Are you really too busy, or are you just trying to cover your ass?

durst defended at inquest [NME] - How do you communicate with Bizkit fans on their own level?
durst slammed at inquest [dotmusic] - but maybe he was too busy to get to the hospital, too?
durst slams inquest [dotmusic] - and the way people keep reporting it
contemperaneous report says Durst stopped concert "frequently" to encourage crowd to move back [BBC] - if true, Fred is getting a pretty raw deal in the inquest
Durst offers to testify via video [BBC] -Let's hope its more convincing than his bit at the start of the My way video...

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