Monday, February 25, 2002

EPITONIC FOR THE TROOPS: Having stopped to snigger at the description of indie on the epitonic site the other day, I was going to go on to praise what is a wonderful trove of musical-shaped gems, but didn't get the chance as Italian food intervened. If I thought I was going to forget, I was forced to think again at gunpoint this morning when my inbox contained a mailout announcing that Jane Pow has been added to their already impressive roster of acts. Jane Pow, Southampton's finest, toast of the turn of the last decade, and - and this is important - a band endorsed by a tshirt worn by Marguerite (her wardrobe ran from Ride to Whipping Boy, and was never proved wrong.) They've also got 14 Iced Bears stuff available, which is even better.
Epitonic - more than merely a quick wank gag

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