Sunday, August 05, 2007

This week just gone

Seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun:

1. R Kelly: Now there's a date, that sex video will be out in court soon
2. Pete Doherty tries to win Kate back via the Mirror
3. Lily Allen strips on a train
4. Heather Mills: more nude picture related stuff
5. Beth Ditto nude and confused
6. What is KT Tunstall - lesbian, or just dull?
7. Sun Bizarre team blasted for letting Doherty go to Mirror
8. Akon distributes free dildo vouchers to kids
9. HMV buy Fopp
10. Natasha Bedingfield denies not wearing knickers

Also this week:
United Airlines oversell and CSS miss Lollopalooza; someone gives Robbie Williams a good going-over; XFM reformats as a sports network; Dave Matthews invites Nas to play Virginia Tech memorial despite his violent songs; German prosecutors brand file sharing a petty crime; Liverpool pulls its Mathew Street Festival and LiveFest while Pete Burns caused a rumpus in a Little Chef; Eminem launched another lawsuit against Apple. Oh, and Elton John wants the internet closed.

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Five years ago:
Ronan Keating described some bands as "forgettable" - not in a moment of self-awareness, sadly; I Am The World Trade Center explained why their name meant they had to continue; Pinknoises, a women-in-electronica group, formed, announced their existence, and promptly vanished (although a book is due soon, apparently); Britney Spears announced a three month break - we suspected to allow her to return as grown up, so we were half-right; the BPI tried to sue EasyInternet Cafes because they had CD burners in their PCs while EMI accused AOL Time Warner of stealing music from it; the 40th anniversary of The Beatles started - it's still running, of course, and won't be over until the 50th; 3D out of Massive Attack called for anti-war forces to muster in the NME; Moby called Eminem gay while, as Steve Miller attacked the increasing Clear Channel monopoly in live US music and radio, U2 defended it; the NME hedged its bets, suggesting the era of the Superclub was over, but new ones would come in. Still waiting for that, though, obviously. Lyor Cohen revealed the Mariah Carey comeback masterplan to the FT - interestingly, a business paper, not a music magazine; and The Libertines split. For the first time.

A lovely three-disc collection of Cinerama Peel Sessions (Gedge post- and pre-Wedding Present, of course)

Always a delight to get a new collection from the Durutti Column

Rhoda Dakar - yes, from The Bodysnatchers - finally releases her first solo album

The mini-Cud revival continues with When In Rome, Kill Me getting a re-release

Yes, yes, Paschendale was brilliant - but will the album be fleet-footed or trench-footed?

Second life for Young Knives' 2002 ...Are Dead

Lloyd Cole's complete work for the BBC. Even the motorbike-era stuff

The due for rediscovery Georgie Fame's jazz-soul reworkings from the late 60s

The press team for the DVD of Glastonbury The Movie are worried people will confuse this highlights from the first 20-odd years with Julien Temple's similar project with the same name from 2006. Understandably.