Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: July 2010

We finally discovered how to shut the Kings Of Leon up. You just get a pigeon to poop in Jared's mouth. Elsewhere, Billy Corgan was falling over on stage.

Pete Wentz - who must be, what, 30 or 40 years old - formed a band called Bl4ck C4rds. I'm not certain, but I'm guessing the band logo will be a skull. George Galloway started work on a Dusty Springfield musical. Yes. John Lydon was reduced to starting a spat with Duffy and Prince announced the internet was finished. Plastic Bertrand was in court over if he was real, or just a fake Plastic.

Having spent the last few years jacking up prices, Festival Republic objected to the extra VAT on 2011 tickets. Lilith Fair discovered that you can leave many seats empty if you ask ridiculous sums of money for them. Lattitude's atmosphere was ruined by rapes in the campsite, and Germany's Love Parade came to a horrible end.

Island Records very publicly fumed that their new Tom Jones album was a bit rubbish. Korn revealed just what a painful job churning a Korn album out is. Pete Muprhy and Brendan Perry's supergoth tour ended in streaming mascara eyes before a single date got played. Oh, by the way: Katie Melua's an alien.

The RIAA decided that it should start suing makers of porn films that used music without permission. This was not an excuse to spend all day at RIAA towers watching porn. The Grammys decided to allow previous years winners to still be Best Newcomers in the future.

Retiring: Torry from The Donnas. Not reforming: The Darkness. Returning: Robbie Williams to Take That. Reforming: Ace Of Base. Rejected: Girls Can't Catch. Replaced: Ollie Los Campesinos.

Cheryl Cole caught Malaria, Jennifer Lopez caught the wrath of Greek Cypriots and the police caught George Michael with his car wedged in the side of a Snappy Snaps. The woman on the cover of Vampire Weekend's Contra demanded some money. And The Sun forced Joe McElderry to come out and smile while they did it.

Use a wheelchair? Live in Portsmouth? Might want to steer clear of HMV.

Had you noticed Fran Healy had been quiet? He's been working on a solo album, it turned out. Harvey Goldsmith insisted what we needed were more Muses.

As the campaign to save 6Music succeeded, Dunstable people kicked off a campaign to try and stop Global ripping out their Heart. Radio One waved goodbye to Mary Anne Hobgoblin. And a month after closing it, the NME announced a relaunch of NME Radio.

This month, Lady GaGa reneged on a promise to buy everyone pizza.