Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: August 2010

Elton John went to play a gig for enormous homophobe Rush Limbaugh. Wyclef's run at the Haitian presidency wasn't even winning support from the other Fugees. Whoever was making money out of Susan Boyle, it didn't look like it was Susan Boyle. Vegas waved cash and suggested that Madonna bow to the inevitable. John Lydon signed off on a Sex Pistols perfume.

HBO decided Phil Collins looked like a serial killer. Deadmau5 looked like he might be killed by his own outfit. Jack White sounded like he might kill his own audience.

We're all in this together: even The Beckhams were cutting back. EMI discovered a new misery, with its pension pot nearly empty. Poor sales of the Scissor Sisters album? Why, it must have been the sleeve, claim the band. Feeder decided to start playing Buck Rogers again, but not because it's their only song or anything.

Liverpool City Council's promised saving of Ringo's old house turned out not to be kept. But they are Liberal Democrats, so what do you expect? Bez didn't keep his promises, either, and so ended up in prison. N-Dubz' drummer blamed the system for his sexually assaulting women.

Yoko Ono told people to not hold their breath if they were hoping to see The Beatles on iTunes. The RIAA and IFPI issued takedowns claiming to be Radiohead. Sticking to its promise to do everything for its members, the PRS pissed away some of their money on a survey about cartoons. Paul McGuinness had a few ideas about saving the music industry, by which he meant the old, broken version of it.

Returning: Republica. Renamed: Comes With Music.

Radio One hailed Annie Nightingale's forty year survival at the station. A vicar hailed Black Sabbath.

Format of the month: Music Anywhere, a bemusing streaming service.

This month, Lady GaGa was being compared to a fart joke by Katy Perry.