Sunday, August 08, 2010

The New Republica

Another thing that I had somehow missed until I noticed an advert tucked away in the small ads: Republica are back and gigging again.

Oh, and of course, re-releasing Ready To Go. All Gigs is very keen to make sure you don't call them one-hit wonders, and to be fair, Drop Dead Gorgeous was a better single anyway. But they're still pretty much a one-trick pony.

It's not even Republica reforming, anyway. It's Saffron and some anonymous blokes she's assembled to chug through Ready To Go behind her. The same recipe as Origianl Republica, but sourcing the ingredients from elsewhere.


Richie Brown said...

The article's wrong though, it reckons Tim Dorney is a new recruit when he bloody well started the band back in the 90s.

Paul said...

True, they've still got the singer and main songwriter, it's not exactly the Wonder Stuff or the Sugababes ...

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