Thursday, August 05, 2010

Annie after 40 years

You have to take your hat off to Annie Nightingale - for quite a while, Radio 1's only woman presenter, and now chalking up forty years on the station. They're going to celebrate her 40th anniversary - an Annie Versary, if you must - with a night of special programmes:

The main event of the tribute evening will be a three-hour concert, featuring such Nightingale-approved acts as Primal Scream, Fatboy Slim, Tinchy Stryder, Professor Green and I Blame Coco.
I Blame Coco? I should coco, more like.

Naturally, a proper Nightingale tribute concert would feature Is That All There Is and Fish heads, a brief period when her place in the audience would be filled by Mark Ellen sitting in, before a spot of theatre whereby a man dressed as The Controller shows everyone how much they value her by shoving her into a 2am slot on Wednesday mornings.

This will all happen in September. After all, October's when the network lives up to its pledge to honour its previous longest-serving employee, by Keeping It Peel. This year, they're going to build on last year's doing bugger all, and do bugger all, all over again.


Robin Carmody said...

I think it's actually 41 years, you know.

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Peter D said...

Fish heads, ah the memories. It would have been more in keeping if she came on half way through Professor Greens first song and said "Hi". Disappointed by the omission of Its Immaterial.

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