Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buck Rogers bought out of retirement

In 2008, Feeder pledged they would never play Buck Rogers again.

They've reversed that decision:

Frontman Grant Nicholls said: "We sort of put it to bed really because we got kind of bored of playing it, but it is a great festival song.

"I think you have to be careful at festivals if you try and be too cool for school it doesn't work, you need to give people the tunes they know.

"I've been to see bands playing and I know people get sick of playing their biggest hit, but everyone's got one and the audience usually want to hear that."
Who knew that not playing the only song that people know wouldn't be a successful approach for playing to a general audience, eh?

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Mbop Promotions said...

Haha, perhaps that's why they opened V instead of headlining it!!

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