Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Qtrax: Another bright new dawn

Every so often, you'll hear a noise coming from over there, and on investigation it turns out it's Qtrax making an announcement. You'll recall they've launched more times than a Cornish lifeboat, without ever having quite properly developing a business.

Having pledged, seriously and honestly, that they'd be under way in January, they're now back, with a new logo which makes them look a little like a 1980s financial services corporation, and a new business model:

“Advertisers are looking for concepts and people that accommodate their needs,” says boss Allan Klepfisz. “Qtrax has a completely new take on generating ad revenues globally. And what we think are really enticing propositions for consumers, that will provide other revenue streams- and impact on piracy.”
Apparently, they're now focusing on the "Asia Pacific region". Good luck with that, little guy.


Anonymous said...

Still no proof of any music available for download, nor any proof anyone uses the Qtrax site. Sure wish the SEC would look into this company(BLLN) it smells a little fiszy.

owha tafoo liam said...

what you mean no proof?I in Malaysia,I use qtrax all time.Me lovey qtrax,me lovey long time,long time!

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