Sunday, July 15, 2007

This week just gone

Seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten most-popular stories this week:
1. Lindi Hingston: My night with Pete Doherty
2. R Kelly 'underage' sex video to get legal airing
3. Lily Allen changes her knickers between stations
4. Beth Ditto nude for the NME
5. Roisin Isner loses fingers, career in firework assault
6. Britney Spears: will drop pants for acting work
7. McFly nude for their Gay show
8. Nick Lachey sex photo flap
9. Early tickets for T in the Park 2008 sell out
10. Akon hands kids money off vouchers for dildos

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Also this week: Trying to deny she'd ripped off one songwriter, Avril Lavigne admitted ripping off the Stones and Ramones; Shed Seven, Steps and Atomic Kitten cameback and Duncan James and Towers of London went; the Mail On Sunday wanted to make the charts and Michael Eavis pledged to bring back the 'old' Glastonbury spirit by, erm, selling tickets on the phones.

Five years ago: Fred Durst hoped to keep out of trouble with dead fans by playing gigs through cinema screens; record companies complaints about covermounts expanded to include the whine that the free CDs boost circulations so record labels have to pay more to buy ads inside; Dionne Warwick's explanation for the discovery of cannabis in her handbag was the factual-but-weak "someone must have put it in there"; Mike Oldfield complained about how uninspired modern music is - between anniversary editions of Tubular Bells, of course; Garlands burned in Liverpool; someone waved a gun at - or near - Hear'Say; those lovely major labels started to get caught up in a modern payola scandal while Janis Ian explained why the labels are ultimately doomed; and the Norman Cook Brighton Beach party led to local press over-reaction on a scale larger than the actual gig.

This week's interesting new stuff:

The Strange Death of Liberal England's "apocalyptic post-rock singing, dancing, clapping and shouting" at album length

...and Elvis Perkins' surprisingly similarly sleeved CD

Violet Violet album - with free cut-out moustache

If you foolishly spent the Britpop years bearing the indiegrudge against the mighty Lou Wener, grab a Sleeper best of and admit you were wrong

It's been nine years since the last Buffalo Tom album... until now

Young Marble Giants re-issued and expanded even more Colossal Youth

Tenth anniversary buff-up for the Foo's The Colour and the Shape

Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, EmmyLou Harris, Elvis Costello and others pay tribute to June Carter Cash

Mooney Suzuki shrug off the "garage rock's Spinal Tap" jibe from Rolling Stone

Twenty garage rock psych-outs