Monday, July 09, 2007

Chris Evans and Shed Seven will save the UK music scene

Chris Evans, of course, is back on radio these days, and now - making Helen Love's Long Live The UK Music Scene a contemporary commentary once more - Shed Seven are getting back together.

Like the Spice Girls, of course, they're doing it for the fans:

[Rick] Witter said: "We have almost constantly been asked by the loyal shed heads to reform for a few gigs since the split, but we felt we needed a well earned break.

"However, after four years we feel that going out for a two week tour, playing all the hits without any outside pressure will be a great way to end 2007, plus having Paul back in the line up for the first time in eight years will make it extra special. See you down the front."

The dates:
Aberdeen Music Hall – November 27
Inverness Ironworks - 28
Glasgow Barrowlands - 29
Newcastle Academy – December 1
Liverpool Academy - 2
Nottingham Rock City - 3
Sheffield Leadmill - 4
Birmingham Academy - 6
Manchester Academy - 7
Leeds Met Uni - 8
Norwich UEA - 10
Oxford Academy - 11
Portsmouth Pyramid - 12
London Shepherd’s Bush Empire - 14


Random R&B Bitch On The Hook said...

rock city? barrowlands? shepherds bush empire? arent those venues a little ambitious?

Robin Carmody said...

re. the Helen Love song: I know what Steven Wells has been up too of late, but whatever *did* happen to Johnny Cigarettes? Not that I want him back or anything (his actual writing style was hilariously straight-laced in the context of his stupid fucking name).

simon h b said...

Robin: He's now writing as Johnny Sharp, and created a mini-industry around his pen name to tie in with the smoking ban:

James said...

It's great fun spotting ex-Maker hacks in other jobs these days. David Stubbs seems to have written for everyone from the Guardian Guide to Jeremy Clarkson's chatshow. Simon Price is still the David Brent of music journalism.

Anyone spotted Taylor Parkes or Neil Kulkani?

Anonymous said...

a little ambitious - who knows? but they have added a second date at the shepherds bush empire because the first sold out.. make of that what you will...

Anonymous said...

A Little Ambitious?- sold out dates and extra dates added would suggest not! sure the loyal fans will agree that this is fantastic news and should have happened sooner

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