Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dickwad tosses fireworks; drummer loses hand

Horrible news from San Francisco: Roisin Isner, who drummed for local band Tinkture, was the victim of a nasty piece of idiocy while watching the Fourth of July fireworks in Dolores Park. Someone threw a firework into her group of friends, with devastating results. Her father is trying to track down the person responsible:

I am Roisin's father. July 4th, Roisin and friends were in Dolores Park watching fireworks. Some stupid piece of shit threw an M60 at them. It landed on Roisin's right hand and blew it apart. She will undego surgery later this morning but it doesn't look good. Most likely she will lose her index finger; second and third fingers will also be permanently impaired and disfigured. Needless to say, her musical career is over.

I want this fucker. Media attention will help flush him out. People know who did it and I'm offering $20,000 for a name. Please do whatever is necessary to get the story out. Do so and I will reward you as well.

Thank you,
Chris Isner

The reward is impressive, but, frankly, if you know someone who had managed to blow off the hand of a sixteen year-old, you surely wouldn't need any further encouragement to do the right thing.

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Anonymous said...

Chris can keep the $20k. If I knew who did this to his daughter he be showing up at the hospital to turn himself in - and asking to have someone save his hand. Fuckin' idiots.

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