Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pete: "other" woman speaks

The Sunday Mirror this morning has a splashy interview with the most recent of Pete Doherty's other women:

EXCLUSIVE: MODEL WHO SPLIT PETE & KATE It was wild night of passion I felt like I was cheating on Kate, but had to do it Pete is a very sexy guy ...he was a fantastic lover

We're trying to picture a world in which having sex with Pete Doherty might be some sort of compulsion - surely the only time someone has to have sex with Doherty is if you're Carl Barat, and appearing in some slashfiction?

So, how do we know about this? It's the guilt talking:
Now 29-year-old South African Lindi Hingston - who lists Hollywood actor Jared Leto and Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose among her previous lovers - is consumed by guilt.

Lindi, from Cape Town, has always idolised supermodel Kate, who she met nine years ago. But now she is racked by guilt over the one-night stand with Pete.

"I felt like I was cheating on Kate, but I just had to do it," she told a friend of her fling with Doherty, after meeting him in a London nightclub 10 days ago.

This is something of a first, surely - a drunken post-club bunk-up where the guilt at cheating on the cuckolded one isn't from the person actively shagging around.
A close friend of the model said: "Pete told Lindi he was single. She said he made her laugh. There is something different about him, she said."

Odd, that if she believed Pete was single she'd have felt like she was cheating on Kate. Perhaps she felt she was cheating on the ghost of Kate Moss.